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Job at the warehouse of well-known brand H&M!

City: Stryków (20 km from Łódź).

Men, women, and couples needed.

Rate: 23 PLN/hour net – students 27.70 PLN/hour net

Grab your ticket to earnings!

We pay for your ticket from Lviv or compensate its cost!

Working hours per month: 225 - 300

Job Description:

💡 Receiving goods (norm 185) - employee responsibilities include checking cartons with goods, mostly clothing, workplace equipped with scanner, computer, warehouse temperature - room temperature;

💡 Pick (norm 90) – the process is divided into three floors: duties include order picking; employee gets a special trolley (light, maneuverable) with containers, scanner, showing aisle and shelf on scanner where the item is, and employee navigates the warehouse to pick orders; work in comfortable attire;


  • working with a scanner;

  • picking orders according to the invoice;

  • preparing orders for shipment to stores;

  • receiving goods - clothing;

  • removing magnetic clips from clothing;

  • quality control.

Training provided: No experience required, we'll teach everything!


  • willingness to learn and work;

  • age from 18 to 55 years.

No language barriers: No work experience or knowledge of Polish required!


  • comfortable accommodation: 3-4 people per room (cost 480 PLN/month), compensation +2 PLN for accommodation. We accept families with children from eight years old!

  • provided work footwear (cost 90 PLN)

  • provided free bus to/from work for residents in our accommodation;

  • Medical insurance. We care about your health!

  • Assistance in your native language: Coordinators speak Ukrainian and Russian!

  • contract type – umowa zlecenia (contract of mandate);

  • assistance in obtaining residence permit (karta pobytu) and provincial permit (zezwolenie wojewódzkie type A).

Work schedule:

  • 5-6 days per week, 8 -12 hours in 2 shifts, floating weekends

  • 225-300 working hours per month.

❗Schedule may vary depending on warehouse workload – from 5-6 days per week, 8 - 12-hour shifts❗


  • rate: 23 PLN net per hour.

  • Monthly earnings from 5000 to 7300 PLN net;

  • favorable rate for students up to 26 years old with confirmation from educational institution – 27.70 PLN/hour net. Performance bonuses: potential earnings up to 7300 PLN net per month;

  • bonuses ranging from 100 to 1000 PLN per month;

  • salary paid monthly;

  • advances after the first week of work.

❗If you are under 26 years old and a student from Ukraine or Poland, you will need to provide confirmation (certificate) from the educational institution and have it translated by a sworn translator into Polish, after which your rate will be 27.70 PLN/hour net!

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Работа в польше

Наша фирма располагает большим количеством вариантов жилья. На фотографиях несколько наших домов в городе Зелена Гура. Более детальную информацию Вы можете получить у специалиста отдела рекрутации.

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