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Work all over Poland for electricians assistants!


Location: all over Poland in delegations.

Required: men.

Salary: 5000 - 6600 PLN per month.

Catch your ticket to earnings!

We pay for your ticket from Lviv or reimburse the cost of the ticket!

Job Description

Participation and assistance to an electrician in performing the following works:

  • installation of cable routes;

  • laying of electrical cables and wires;

  • installation of electrical equipment, e.g. installation of electrical cabinets, lamps, sockets;

  • connection of wires and cables in switchgear and current binding;

  • installation of lightning protection and grounding;

  • it is possible to work at an altitude of three meters.


  • desire to work;

  • knowledge of the Polish language will be an additional plus;

  • age up to 55;

  • UDT certificate (we help to produce it during the first working month)

We offer:

  • free accommodation (3-4 people per room);

  • transport to and from the place of work (for drivers of additional bonuses and availability of the car for personal purposes outside of work);

  • free work clothes, tools;

  • free medical examination, BHP;

  • coordinator's assistance;

  • medical insurance;

  • assistance in obtaining karty pobytu (residence permit) and zezwolenia wojewódzkiego (type A work permit);

  • there is a possibility of professional development and, accordingly, rates;

  • contract type – umowa zlecenia;

  • upon arrival, we meet at the train/bus station in Gdansk.


  • schedule: Mon-Sat, 10-12 hours a day;

  • min. 220 hours per month;

  • rate: for an electrician's assistant - 20 - 22 PLN/hour net;

  • salary per month up to 6000 PLN - issued once a month;

  • advances after the first week work.

🙂 We will be glad to cooperate!

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Approximate photos of housing

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