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Work all over Poland for electricians!


Location: all over Poland in delegations.

Required: men.

Salary: up to 7500 PLN per month.

Rate: 26 PLN - 30 PLN net/hour

Catch your ticket to earnings!

We pay for your ticket from Lviv or reimburse the cost of the ticket!

Job Description:

  • installation of cable routes;

  • laying of electrical cables and wires;

  • installation of electrical equipment, e.g. installation of electrical cabinets, lamps, sockets;

  • connection of wires and cables in switchgear and current binding;

  • installation of lightning protection and grounding;

  • it is possible to work at an altitude of three meters.


  • ability to work with power tools, such as a drill, grinder, screwdriver;

  • knowledge of the basics of electrics (there will be a small test at the interview);

  • reading drawings, diagrams;

  • manual skills;

  • education or work experience;

  • desire to work;

  • knowledge of the Polish language will be an additional plus;

  • age up to 55;

  • UDT certificate (we help to produce it during the first working month)

We offer:

  • free accommodation (3-4 people per room);

  • transport to and from the place of work (for drivers of additional bonuses and availability of the car for personal purposes outside of work);

  • free work clothes, tools;

  • free medical examination, BHP;

  • coordinator's assistance;

  • medical insurance;

  • assistance in obtaining karty pobytu (residence permit) and zezwolenia wojewódzkiego (type A work permit);

  • there is a possibility of professional development and, accordingly, rates;

  • contract type – umowa zlecenia;

  • upon arrival, we meet at the train/bus station in Gdansk.


  • schedule: Mon-Sat, 10-12 hours a day;

  • min. 220 hours per month;

  • rate: for an electrician - 26 PLN/hour net for the first month, from 30 PLN/hour net from the next (you need to pass the test). The wage is rising up depending on results of individual’s work.

  • advances after the first week work.

 🙂 We will be glad to cooperate!

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Approximate photos of housing

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